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Doing Glasses The Right Way

Using a Shot Ski.

A ski has better functions other than just skiing. There are many people who actually love passing time through skiing. This is mainly done in the winter seasons. The next thing after ski is a common meeting at a local resort where you spend some time before departing. The shot ski experience is then made at this point. A shot ski is a vessel purposely made for the social drinking purposes. On it there are shot glasses that have been fit and they are around three or four of them. There is a big fun shame to the last person to finish their drink which is actually poured on their face.

Depending on how tall you are the shot ski will have some torture moments. On the losing end you will actually have the person who is the shortest. The making of the ski is using the components that are very simple. It just have a ski and some shot glasses hence the name shot ski. The number of shot glasses used in most of the cases is four of them.

The main theme about a shot ski is about teamwork. It also brings about the convenience of a narrow table that you can raise to the height of your face. This means that you need to make your face to be at the same level with those of your friends. Drinking with caution is the only thing that you ought to do to ensure that you stay safe.

It is never complicated to make a shot-ski. Finding an old ski is the first thing. To get them you just need to go to a nearby town and you won’t lack a few left over. There will be a great help from this old ski. To remove the bindings you will have to use an electric drill. This will actually depend on how great the bindings are. Where the bindings are very old it may be very hard to work it out. Where that’s the case you will, therefore, need to take more steps that you normally take.

After removing the binding the next thing that you ought to do now is assembling your shot glasses. They have to be assembled at the top of the ski. For the proper distance you need to measure the ski and mark the exact places where you have to place your glasses. The glasses are then attached using a glue on the place that you have marked and prepared. The next thing you need to do is gather your friends. You now have your shot ski and you have everything you need to get the fun started. To have the ski serve its purpose you will just need to fill it with a tasty concoction and all will be done. You can choose to repeat this as long as you can hold it. You will them worry about finishing the glass before it finishes your face.

Smart Tips For Finding Glasses

Smart Tips For Finding Glasses