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The technology age has seen a lot of things possible transforming life for people . The internet can take credit for the life transformation of thousands of people who have harnessed what opportunities come with the internet. Crypto currency has come to existence thanks to the dawn and quick advancement of the internet. Safe and anonymous , crypto currency simply put is digital money . Crypto currency is a bit sophisticated and requires some complex protection equally , cryptographic encryption generates currency and also used in the verification of the transactions. Mining is a process that is used to create coins and the transactions get recorded in transaction ledger known as a transaction block chain. This system of handling crypto currency has been designed in away that there will be no accountability issues especially with the fact that the ledger is available to the public. Cryptographic wallets are used to store the currency the currency can be bought from brokers who have some certification. Financially the block chain technology registers in its infant stages but we never know, a new technology might be launched and make things a little more interesting. If you are questioning on the preference of crypto currency over other monetary forms , you have to be interested in the high level of anonymity and the safety as well. Transactions in crypto currency cannot be faked or reversed and that is a high safety feature in an age where cyber theft is so recurrent. The fees charged in crypto currency are very low hence making it better than conventional currency where some fees charged especially for dealing with huge sums of money might be staggering.

People want their things simple and easy , crypto currency gives you easy access to your money with no stringent measures of authorization. Markets dealing with crypto currency are offering a new form of cash and that comes with rewards which can be quite intresting. When making investments in crypto currency , they might turn to be very profitable within short periods of time.

The recognition that comes with some currencies such as bitcoins and other crypto currencies is global hence easy to transact with them anywhere on earth. The fact that there are no charges that apply to Crypto currency is an advantage , you can therefore settle transactions within very short periods of time, you can even lock out some third parties that come with conventional forms of money.

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