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Basic Spray Polyurethane Foam Facts Worth Noting

When it comes to building and household constructions, the use of polyurethane foam is very common. There are basically two types of polyurethane foam that you can choose from depending on how they are applied. Spray foam and rigid foam are these two types. Among the two, spray polyurethane foam is cheaper. The only downside is that it less effective than rigid foam. For those who are interested in getting spray polyurethane foam services, here is everything you need to know about spray polyurethane foam first. Click to learn more now about them.

What makes polyurethane foam popular will be its insulation property. However, the material has high thermal resistance with its characteristic low-conductivity gas. This is actually a good thing about this kind of foam. Though this foam is made of liquid, it must be applied with the use of spray equipment. The usual gas that is used to carry out the process is hydrochlorofluorocarbon gas. The gas that will be used will have an R-value range of R-7 to R-8 that will decrease over time with the help of the thermal drift process. Once the low conductivity gas goes out of the air, gas molecules found in the air will then replace the gases in the insulation. Only two years after installation of the foam will this process take place.

While rigid polyurethane foam offers more insulation properties, application-wise, spray polyurethane foam is much easier as it follows the form of the surface. This is one of the reasons why the application goes by the name of foamed-in application. Currently, changes have been made in the foaming agent used in spray polyurethane foam, which is non-CFC. Though non-CFC foams are less effective insulation materials, they do not pose as much threat as CFC to the ozone layer. It is still very effective in association with the temperature. For the creation of low-density foams, using carbon dioxide as a forming agent is also done.

When it comes to spraying polyurethane foam, the right equipment must be used. Furthermore, only properly trained personnel are allowed to be spraying polyurethane foam accordingly. As much as possible, you should only acquire spray polyurethane foam services from the right company. For the expanding capabilities of high-density foams, they are slower. Meanwhile, the use of low-density foams means that expansion happens quickly. This implies that if you apply them to the cavity of your walls, they will be sealed down in an instant. If the person is not careful in the application, overexpansion may take place. This often results in your walls getting damage. These are far from your concern when you are able to get quality spray polyurethane foam services.

The use of spray polyurethane foam benefits your home in more ways than one. Proper insulation is what you get from the process. Wind or air infiltration will also be eliminated from your home. What you get in return is less energy usage hence less energy expenditure.

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