The Beginner’s Guide to Networks

Creating a Wireless Network

A consistent TV experience is made available by the Dish Joey. The main use of the Joey is to record as well as access the same guide of channels from rooms within the house. The fact that individuals can watch, record and pause shows gives a great insight into the Dish Joey that has a user-friendly Hopper interface. The meaning of consistent experience is seamless integration with the Hopper DVR. Any show that is in the DVR can be watched over and over thanks to Dish Joey. The use of just one Dish Joey works for all televisions in the house.

Internet connection is made possible when the Hopper is used. Its usually pretty easy to connect to the internet by using the Hopper as simple steps have been outlined. Connection to the internet will only begin when the Hoppers have wireless adapters connected to the back of the receiver. Pressing of the menu button or the home button is dependent on the remote user. When the pressing is done, settings are then selected. Choosing of the internet precedes the selection of internet.

Selecting the wireless setup is then followed by a selection of the WIFI setup wizard. Selection of the desired network is chosen by an individual based on their preference. The final setup in this whole process is password entering and saving. Connection cables that are coaxial based are used to deliver high-speed networks. The liking of MOCA is because of the ability to provide a wired Ethernet connection. Another reason as to why multimedia over coax is preferred is because streaming of shows between two or more devices requires a fast network connection.

Either creating a new MOCA or joining an existing one are the two options provided. A coax cable is connected from the wall to the coax port on the TIVO box as the first step to creating a MOCA network. Upon successful completion of step one, individuals then connect an Ethernet cable from your home network to the Ethernet port on the TIVO box. As precautionary measure individuals that have connected their antennae to the home’s coax network need to install a filter.

The process of setting up the TIVO box requires choosing of Ethernet as the network connection. Getting to enjoy all the shows through streaming, pausing and recording is made possible when you finally set up the MOCA network. Provision of the best types of networks is made by Dish.

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