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Brief Overview on Visa Waiver Program

The Department of State of United States oversees the Visa program for tourists in the U.S. Aside from their current and valid passports, most citizens of other countries are required to have a visa whenever they enter the U.S. This is commonly required by most countries to ensure that international tourists meet the standards set by that country.

There are visa waiver countries though that exist because visitors on these countries are not required anymore to apply for visa. The Visa Waiver Program VWP is initially created in 1986 and it has a list of 35 countries that qualify for visa waiver.

The purpose of this program is to eliminate the barrier that has been set on tourists that are from countries that are friendly to the U.S. and to encourage business travelers to come to U.S.

It is under the U.S. government’s discretion whether to qualify a certain country to be part of the program after a country meets all the security requirements provided. On the other hand, the immigration officials at port entries make the final decision whether or not to allow a person to enter the country even if he has a valid passport or meets the VWP requirements.

You can visit the web page created by the United States Department of State if you are wondering what countries are included in the list of the program. The Department of State covers a lot of responsibilities but you just need to find and click the “Visa” link on the right section of the website to see the list of countries included in the program. When you are directed to the Visa link, you will see the recent updates on the top portion.

There are 8 additional countries added to the list of the program’s qualified countries. Included in these additional countries are Czech Republic, Hungary, and the Republic of Korea. The website is helpful in saving the time of people as they will look into the list of the qualified countries because the list on their website already shows all approved countries.

Those countries included in the program may still restrict visitors especially those visitors that have disqualification issues. Tourists with contagious disease or criminal records are example of disqualifications. These restrictions set are intended to protect the welfare of U.S. citizens and to safeguard the public health.

Read all the other information in the web page of the United States Department of State under the visa section. The Department of State always keep the data on their website updated so if ever you still have queries regarding visa waivers, you can just visit and check it on their website.

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