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Some of the Commercial Roof Types that You Should Know

There are so many commercial roof types that you can choose for your building to make it stand out. By the end of this topic, you will be in a position to choose the best commercial roof type for your house.

Let us start with a single ply membrane roof. It is essential to note that these are sheets of rubber and other synthetics which can be mechanically fastened or chemically adhered to insulation which creates a layer of protection on your building. Apart from that, it has fire retardants making it be a class A fire rated. Being that it does not include insulation it will give you the opportunity to choose the insulation that you need.

Not only that but there is also spraying polyurethane foam. You should know that this is an eco-friendly material that has been around for long and it is sprayed as a liquid and expands into foam as this will expand and cause a solid layer across an existing roof. One good thing with this roof type is that it is energy efficient since it provides moisture, air, and thermal barriers and it can also last for thirty years. Apart from that, it is also seamless, waterproof and durable.

The third type is shingle roofing. We have two types which are asphalt shingles and architectural shingles, and they are always used for steep slope commercial roofing. It is essential to note that they come in a wide range of designs and colors that you can choose from. Apart from that, it is also easy to repair when damaged. Most of the people also prefer it because it is strong and durable.

The other type of commercial roofing us is metal roofing. It is essential to note that this is one of the oldest roofing systems that use different materials such as tin, aluminum, galvanized corrugated steel among others. One good thing with metal is that it is easy to install because it is light. In addition, it also boasts of added protection because once installed a coating can be added to make it waterproof, protect it from UVs and rust. In addition, it is also quick to install besides coming in a variety of materials and colors that you can choose from. It is also beneficial because of its ability to resist fire.

Besides, we also have commercial flat roofs. I can say that this is the type of roof is common in commercial buildings, and it always has few materials to choose from. It is also essential to note that they require fewer materials than other types of roofs making it cost-effective. In addition, they are also durable as they can last up to forty years.

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